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Roberta Goodman, The Dolphin Lady


Roberta is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable people in the world when it comes to dolphins.

She first worked with them in captivity: cleaning tanks, directing research efforts related to dolphin communication, helping prepare them for release into the wild, and a whole host of other experiences. Beginning in 1985, she has devoted her time to interacting with them exclusively in the wild and offering private guide services to assist others in having that same exhilerating experience. She participates with an organization that is doing work with dolphins and autistic children. She was a co-founder of Cetacean Nation.


Darryl Hannah
participated with Roberta and others in creating a film
about helping autistic children through dolphin encounters

“Roberta Goodman had the privilege of working in dolphin communication research together with the legendary Dr. John Lilly. She has a massive amount of intimate experience with dolphins in captivity and also, since initiating the release of two dolphins, dolphins in the wild. --Due to her real respect for dolphins, she now only works with dolphins in the wild. With her truly visionary understanding of the role of dolphins in human evolution, Roberta is the most loving, exciting, and joyous dolphin guide I know. She truly cares that we humans have a most amazing contact with the cetaceans in the wild.”
Ilona Selke
International seminar leader and international author of Journey to the Center of Creation and Yoga of the Soul


Roberta Goodman with Dr. John Lilly
Roberta with Dr. John Lilly


After reading Dr. John Lilly’s book, “Communication Between Man and Dolphin,” in 1978, Roberta took on the challenge of communicating with dolphins wholeheartedly. Roberta knew Dr. Lilly from 1980 until his death in September 2001. At his Human Dolphin Foundation lab at Marine World/Africa USA in Redwood City, California, Roberta designed and performed communication experiments with the dolphins, Joe and Rosie. Her ultimate goal was to reunite the dolphins with their natural environment. As project director, Roberta moved Joe and Rosie to the Florida Keys and prepared them for their release back to the ocean.

Roberta worked as a research coordinator for Dr. Diana Reiss, with Project Circe, bi-lateral communication research with an underwater keyboard design. During this project, she developed an extraordinarily trusting relationship with the dolphin, Terry.

Roberta also worked as a diver for Marine World where she did a shark feed show. Through her many hours cleaning the dolphin and whale tanks, she became very familiar with all 12 dolphins at the park.


Since 1985, Roberta has sought only dolphin encounters in the wild.

Her treks have led to extended stays visiting dolphins and leading groups in: Hawaii, Monkey Mia in Western Australia, New Zealand, Bimini, Turks & Caicos, Bonaire, Malibu, and Key West. In her work, she has become friends with many of the well known dolphin personalities, and has been included in 15 of their books. Roberta gives storytelling talks to groups, also available on the video, “For the Love of Dolphins” produced by Living From Vision. She has been interviewed for a number of television shows, including The Power of the Mind aired on Infinito.

In December, 1993, Roberta co-founded Cetacean Nation with Dr. John Lilly. This is a movement to recognize the rights of whales and dolphins as sentient beings.


Roberta is an International Bestselling Author. Her books include:

  • Dolphins & Whales Forever
  • Ready, Aim, Captivate
  • Ready, Aim, Inspire
  • My Big Idea

She has also written several books that were published on the web:

  • Dolphins Eye to Eye: a research journal
  • A Dolphin’s Story
  • Dancing on the Brink of the World: Education for Our Evolution

"Roberta is a rare person in the dolphin field. She has been a participant in all areas of dolphin work, from research to training, from rehabilitation to leading groups to swim with them in the wild. Listening to Roberta is like going to a large library, a place where many tales have come to live. Her engaging smile -- quite dolphin-like, as many have noticed -- demonstrates the way dolphins have given her many gifts, lifting her into that rare state of Joy that all too few people enjoy. Do yourself a favour, and avail yourself of Roberta's presence. Let her guide you into the deeps, where the dolphins have their gifts for each of us."
- Scott Taylor, author, Souls in the Sea


She has been featured in these books:

Call of the Dolphins
Lana Miller
Rainbow Bridge Publishing, 1989

The Dolphins and Me
Don C. Reed
Sierra Club Books
Little Brown & Co.
Scholastic. 1989

Adventures Among Spiritual Intelligences: Angels, Aliens, Dolphins & Shamans
Timothy Wyllie
Bear & Co., 1992
Origin Press, 2002

Journey to the Center of Creation: Entering the world of dolphins and the dimensions of dreamtime
Ilona Selke
Living From Vision, 1996

How to Swim with Dolphins: A guide to being
Terry Walker
Dolphin Heart Press

Dolphins, Love and Destiny: Yoga for the Soul
Ilona Selke
BookSurge Publishing, 2008

Suzette und das Gluck der Delfine
Suzette Talbot ..
arsEdition GmbH, Munchen, 2009
Only available in German, at

Return of the Rebel Angels
Timothy Wyllie
Bear and Company, 2011

Dolphin Love . . . From Sea to Land: My Interdimensional Journey to My Heart - A True Story of Dolphin Consciousness, Dolphin Energy Healing, and Joy
Linda Shay
Dancing Seas Media, 2012



Hawaii's Undersea Ohana
Charles Fasano
Fasano Underwater Productions


Acknowledgements to Roberta are in these books:

John C. Lilly, The Steersman: Metabeliefs and Self-Navigation. Ronin Publishing, Inc. Berkeley. 2007.

John C. Lilly, The Deep Self: Consciousness Exploration in the Isolation Tank. Gateway Books and Tapes. Nevada City, CA. 2007.

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Other books by Timothy Wyllie (Roberta is not featured in these):

Ask Your Angels
co-written with Alma Daniel and Andrew Ramer
Ballantine, NY, 1992

The Helianx Proposition: The Return of the Rainbow Serpent
Daynal Institute Press, 2010

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