a close dolphin encounter

Swimming with wild dolphins in Hawaii with your
own private guide is one of those peak experiences you will remember
for the rest of your life!

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link for information about one-day wild dolphin swims.

“I can not thank you enough for the time that we spent with you in the water with the dolphins. The experience was more than I ever expected. So many layers of information came in and healing occurred on so many levels for me.

“My body feels very very different. I feel more open, at peace and present. I also feel like my heart opened wider and very old trauma was lifted out of my body. On the last day that we were in the water I felt such a strong presence of unconditional love and acceptance. My mask filled with tears of gratitude for this experience. As the dolphins surrounded me and came inches from my body I felt like I was being transported to another place filled with pure love. It was magical.

I have fallen deeply in love with the spinner and bottle nose dolphins. When I was in the water I felt as though I had come ‘home’. It was a very powerful and happy feeling. I am going to make arrangements to go back this winter and spend more time in the water there again. I would love to work with you again too if this is possible. Thank you again for your support, compassion
and enthusiasm.”
– Maria (after multi-trip of 4 days)

Swimming with Wild Dolphins in Hawaii on Multi-Day
Dolphin Adventures


An Example of a Multi-Day Dolphin Encounter Schedule

Day One – Sunday Evening Introduction

Early Sunday evening the group will meet at poolside for introductions. We will check that everyone is comfortable with their snorkel

Day Two- Monday Morning – Reef Snorkel Checkout

To assure everyone’s comfort in the ocean, we begin at a beautiful reef in calm, clear waters. At Two-Step you will be amazed at seeing colorful fish, coral, and turtles as soon as you enter the water in this protected park.

Roberta tells Dolphin Stories and offers the basics of interacting with dolphins– 3 Dolphin Secrets. The talk can be accompanied by a powerpoint presentation with beautiful slides of the dolphins we may meet.


Days Three to Six-Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Mornings
– Dolphin Swim

Our days begin at 8:00am at the boat harbor. We meet our captain and attune to the world we are entering. The boat takes us along the Kona coast to our rendezvous with the local Spinner dolphins. We spend the morning in the company of the dolphins we find, immersed
in their joyful vibrations. Our days on the boat end after a delicious lunch.

This series of days with the focus on dolphin encounters allows you to relax and take in more and more each day.

Your comfort in the water brings the dolphins closer. Abundant time on the water offers moments of magic between each person and the dolphins. Even though we usually encounter dolphins, because dolphins are wild and free swimming beings, we can never guarantee an encounter with them.

Many factors come into play when we are interacting with the powerful forces of nature, the ocean, and the dolphins. Roberta’s calm and experienced presence assists those who may have never snorkeled have a wonderful experience.


Group Trip to Swim with Wild Dolphins in Hawaii

Roberta works with seminar and other group leaders who want to incorporate wild dolphin swims into their multi-day experiences on The Big Island of Hawaii. She is available for story telling and other activities off the boat. She can also assist you with hotel, restaurant, transportation, and other activities and services during your visit to Hawaii for a reasonable fee. Contact her directly to work out details and to make your reservations.

Please write for more information on this and other guided dolphin excursions. Roberta is happy to speak with you and answer your

Your host to the world of dolphins,
Roberta Quist Goodman