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Wild Dolphin Swims Hawaii

Wild Dolphin Swims Hawaii

Swim with majestic WILD dolphins

To truly understand dolphins you need to meet them in their natural environment – allow us to be your guide.

Wild Dolphin Swims Hawaii

hawaii dolphin swims


bimini dolphins


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dolphins swimming with islands in background

Autism and Dolphins

group of dolphins swimming

Dolphin Communication and Feeling Understood


How to Draw Dolphins (Part 2)


“In my experience of over 20 years of knowing Roberta, and swimming together with dolphins, she has the most remarkable natural empathy with dolphins that I’ve yet come across. Her combination of high intelligence, a strong emotional body, and a nurturing nature makes her an ideal person to facilitate magical encounters with dolphins. I always recommend the dolphin trips she guides to all my curious and adventurous readers.”Timothy Wyllie, author, Ask Your Angels; Adventures among Spiritual Intelligences: Dolphins Extraterrestrials Angels; and Angels, Aliens, Dolphins & Shamans

“Roberta, You were wonderful. Our day with you was the highlight of our trip. I will tell others about you.”Sue Hoagland (Family Group of 10 people)

“We had such a wonderful time on the boat and especially in the water with the dolphins! I am missing it so much! I did not want to come home as you can imagine. We really enjoyed meeting you, Roberta. Your knowledge of the dolphins is phenomenal!! Thank you for being there on our trip. I love your energy!!”Angie Chapin

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